Award-winning marketing, management and sales consulting that
provides solutions for increasing revenue, productivity and profitability

Marketing Professional of the Year Award—Finalist
Top Sales Achievement—Finalist
Best New Venue—Winner
The Fred Seidler Group provides a wide range of consulting services, from simple advisory services to the development and implementation of comprehensive marketing and sales plans and strategy, sales and management training, product development, promotional campaigns and public relations.
  • We consult with management and staff at all levels to define a need or problem, conduct research, perform studies and surveys to obtain data, and analyze data to advise recommended solutions.
  • Develop strategies to increase brand awareness, as well as plan and direct the overall business and sales strategy for achieving annual and long-term growth and revenue targets.
  • Oversee the development and execution of advertising, social media and promotional plans; coordinate and facilitate media campaigns that enhance integrated marketing strategies.
  • Work with clients to align marketing and sales priorities with business strategy; design and execute corporate communications programs that assist clients to achieve business goals and objectives.
  • Act as a sales agent either exclusively or as an addition to existing staff.
  • Produce events and product launches from concept to production.

Top 10 reasons to select The Fred Seidler Group for consulting services:

1. Proven track record of success in marketing, sales, public relations, strategic planning, operations, business development and client relations.

2. Ability to increase sales due to marketing and promotional strategies.

3. Excellent skills in re-engineering and restructuring marketing and sales operations that have a significant impact and yield an increase in profitability.

4. Savvy marketing skills with ability to spearhead innovative campaigns and reposition operations to become more competitive and high-profile.

5. Dynamic interpersonal, communication, writing and negotiating skills.

6. Skilled in building and nurturing client and business relationships.

7. Principal has over 20 years experience in sales and marketing.

8. An award-winning company with hands-on dedicated service.

9. Excellent media contacts and consistent press coverage
for clients.

10. Extensive client base and quality leads.

What people are saying about The Fred Seidler Group

“Your professionalism, creativity, and integrity place you in that rare category of luminaries that others use to benchmark their careers.”

“The TimesCenter retained the Fred Seidler Group for a sales & marketing consulting project. Fred has great knowledge and an extensive contacts list that were of great value to our operation. He was instrumental in helping us align some of our marketing priorities with our business strategy. He also worked directly with our sales manager to develop best practices in the areas of new business development, client maintenance, and CRM techniques. Fred is an excellent resource in the event marketing and venue sales industry.”

“Fred worked with me for over a year as a marketing consultant. I was impressed with his years of experience and professionalism.”

“The Fred Seidler Group has extensive and far-reaching knowledge of marketing, sales, promotions, public relations, event marketing, and operations that provides a strategic advantage to companies and organizations who engage their services.”

“In all of my dealings with Fred Seidler, he has exemplified the qualities of a true professional. I know that when I receive advice or guidance from Fred, it will be the kind that serves me and my clients in a way that I can trust everyone will be totally pleased.”

“I have worked with Fred since 2005 and have seen his venues consistently outperform others within their respective markets. Fred’s knowledge and insights into sales and marketing are a great asset to any venue. As a consultant, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, along with an extensive network of industry professionals that clearly add value to any organization.”

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